About Us

Estate Sales by Wings has been the premier estate sale company in NM for over 20 years. Our dedication to detail and commitment to clients and customers continues to keep us the best in our class. The Company was started with a vision to assist with the transition from a lifelong home to the next chapter of our client’s life. We have developed a process of sorting through an estate and quickly find the treasures that will ensure a successful sale.

Our staff is experts in merchandising, pricing, and selling the items that we have been entrusted with to sell. They love their job because they know they are helping our clients with this transition period in their life. Let’s face it moving, is always stressful and it’s compounded with the fact that they are not always in town to manage a sale. However, Estate Sales by Wing takes all the stress away and leaves only results.

Our mission is to make any transition easy, and stress-free. So that the family can be sure that the sale of their household items gets done and done right.

Who We Are

We Are Transformers:

In times of grief, relocation, and sometimes near panic, we can transform your circumstances into a stress free, organized, widely marketed, profitable situation. Our clients’ own words, “overwhelming”, “impossible”, “fear and frustration”, are transformed into “amazing”, “this can’t be the same house”, and “miraculous”.

We are excavators, treasure hunters, organizers and stagers, and we’re pretty handy with mops and brooms too. When we walk into your home we are dedicated to performing whatever tasks await us with precision and respect, and when we walk out you’ll be free of “all that stuff”. Your house will be empty, clean, and ready to market. You will have a check in your hand and a smile on your face.

Another Successful Transformation!!!

Estate Sales by Wings 22 years and counting!!!

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