Galisteo St Sale Santa Fe NM

Season 3 Episode 10 – Back in Santa Fe

This weekend we are back up north in Santa Fe and we are very excited about it. This small estate packs a big punch and you will just pat yourself on the back when your guests come to your home and see the beautiful treasures you purchased at this estate sale. Come up spend a few hours with “The Man in the Pink Shoes” and the rest of the pink polo wearing humans that you love seeing every weekend.

This estate is a gem, it offers artwork, for every wall, nook or shelf you need to decorate. Not only are the items in this home vintage the home itself is right out of the 50’s, you won’t want to miss spending time this weekend with us in Santa Fe. Furniture, glassware, kitchen items are just a sample of what you will find this weekend.

We have electronics, lamps, rosaries, religious items and a so much you will be asking yourself, “How does Estate Sales by Wings keep finding these amazing sales”. If you are in need of beds, we have a twin, a double and a king all ready for your guest room, or to give to your kid so you can get yours back. Either way we have young guns to help you load. Oh and please don’t tell Tony he is not a young gun, I have him convinced he is 25 years old again. Don’t want to spoil his fun with reality!

The backyard is filled with amazing yard art, furniture, pots, benches, garden art and everything else you will need to create your home oasis, that will have your friends wanting to spend the summer in your backyard. The outside workshop is filled with tools and items that every DIY (Do It Yourself) human will want for their own shop or garage.

As always if you require assistance while shopping please locate a human wearing a pink polo we love to help. This sale will start on Friday March 31, 2023 and run through Sunday April 2, 2023. Doors will open at 9:00 am and close at 3:00 pm everyday.

See you Friday!!!

“The Man in the Pink Shoes”

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