Mesa Road, Belen

Season 3 Episode 3

As you all might know I grew up in New Mexico and was away for 31 years, before returning home. Specifically, I was born in Belen, NM. I grew up with a very large extended family and graduated with 1 first cousin and 2 third cousins. Needless to say, there were Tabets everywhere. Cousins, Aunts, and Uncles everywhere you turned. So I had to be very creative in getting into trouble, or at least not getting caught.

This week we are in Belen with an amazing estate that was owned by one of my Dad’s favorite cousins. This estate has amazing items that have brought back great memories. We are offering Native American pottery and artwork. We are offering a beautiful vintage jukebox that needs a bit of TLC, but will take you back to the soda shop days.

We have over 90 collectible decanters, porcelain bells, and so much more. The furniture in this estate is in near-perfect condition. We have couches, dining tables, end tables, beds, lamps, and everything you need to furnish a new home, vacation home, casita, or Airbnb.

If you need display cases for your collections we have them all with lights and in great condition. A pool table, a casino card table, and so much more to complete your man cave, or dog house depending on your perspective.

If you are looking for floor tile to redo your home then arrive early we have enough to tile a small town. We also have everything you need to get it installed. You just need a contractor, and I am sure I could find one for you.

If the Indy 500 is something you have always wanted to attend, then we have bar items that will fit in your own bar and you can just let people think you have been to the race year after year. Your secret will be safe with me! This estate has some amazing men’s clothes most of which still has tags and has never been worn. arrive early they will not last long.

You will notice several cars that are also available just ask the man in the Pink shoes for details.

If you require assistance while shopping please locate a human wearing a pink polo we love to help. This sale starts on Friday, January 27, 2023 and runs through Sunday, January 29, 2023. Doors will open at 9:00 am and close at 3:00 pm all 3 days. See you this weekend!!!

The Man in the Pink Shoes

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