Embudito Dr NE

Sale 1

The first sale this weekend is located off of Tramway and Candelaria and it is truly an awesome gem. When you arrive, you will notice the great yard statues that will be screaming, “Take me home with you today!” Upon entering the home, you will be transported west to the Asian part of this great world we call earth. You will notice beautiful wall art, furniture and a very cool organ. If you know how to play, then please favor us with a performance.

The home has some mid century modern furniture which includes but is not limited to a hutch, dining room table with beautiful chairs, and yes a Shrunk. For those that have no idea what a Shrunk is, you should come and see the one we have. This item is from Germany and would be a unique addition to your own home. In the front room, you will see a very cool three oval gold framed mirror that you will have to have in your home.

Bedroom furniture with a flare from the fifties,  lamps, dressers and end tables to match will make you the talk of the town. Or just maybe your family – either way you win.  Back in the day, my Grandma had a similar hanging table light.  Whenever I looked at it,  I was always thought –  how has this item  survived 8 kids and 18 grandkids? The trip to this sale is worth it just to see this table light.  It is just awesome.

You know that empty space you have in your dining room or family room that you have been telling your better half you need a large Grandfather Clock to fill… we have one and it is beautiful.

We have a  garage filled to the brim. We have about a dozen fishing rods -all with reels, tools, space heaters and so much more. Arrive early so you don’t miss out.

As always, if you need assistance while shopping, just flag down a human wearing a pink polo.  We love to help. This sale will start on Friday May 27, 2022 and end on Sunday May 29, 2022. Doors will open at 8:00 am and close at 2:00 pm every day.

See you all this weekend!!!


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